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Bisexual Hat :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 1 0 Rainbow Scarf :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 5 8 Pansexual Hat :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 1 0 Radley House Soap Carving :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 0 0 Transgender Flag Hat (Attempt 1 And 2) :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 1 2 Multicolored Hat 2 :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 4 0 Multicolored Hat 1 :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 2 0 Superscreech: 30DOTP Day 6 Part 1 :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 3 1 Shipping Logo: Crewt :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 0 0
The Great Snow Dance
Outside my window, chatters sound,
I notice with a glance,
The ground is white and moonlight’s clear. 
It’s time for The Great Snow Dance!
Take up the fiddles, flutes and drums,
Strike up a dancing tune,
That’s wild and sweet, a tad surreal,
To match the Narn’an mood. 
The Fauns and Dryads twist and weave,
Their steps precise and sure,
Each move deliberately complex;
The sight is quite a lure. 
A ring of Dwarves circles around, 
Their snowballs fly between. 
Right place, right time, no one is hit
It is a splendid scene. 
And if you're off, no need to fret;
It's all a woodland game. 
Wipe snow away and join the laughs, 
And start the round again!
The cold creeps through our blood like wine,
The drummers tap away. 
The owls declare this night quite fine;
We'll dance till break of day. 
It only happens once per year,
This frosted midnight prance. 
It really is a lovely romp,
So join our Great Snow Dance!
:iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 2 0
Shipping Logo: Bright Idea :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 1 1 Shipping Logo: Neville/Harry :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 0 0 Happy B-Day, DA! :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 2 0 Young Justice: Screech Owl :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 0 5
Superscreech 30 Day OTP: Holding Hands
Autumn was certain the entire movie theater could hear her heart racing.
She wouldn't be surprised.
Because Conner had just reached over and grabbed her hand.
The Owl's amber gaze locked onto Conner's hand encasing hers. She felt her face heat up rapidly. Her mind played a single question on loop.
Meanwhile, the Kryptonian clone was in a bit of shock himself. He hadn’t planned on this; it just sort of happened. Conner glanced quickly between their joined hands and what he could see of his date's scarlet face. Why wasn't she moving? Had he done something wrong? Was the fourth date too soon? M'gann used to initiate these things, not him.
Feeling his own face burn, Conner started to pull away and opened his mouth to apologize.
He was stopped by slender fingers threading between his.
Autumn looked up and their eyes met. Lips twitching upwards into a shy smile, she squeezed her boyfriend's hand lightly and returned her gaze to the screen. Conn
:iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 2 0
Gift: Gryffinpuff Student :iconsherlocks2ndblogger:Sherlocks2ndBlogger 1 0


Jack Frost Sprite Knitting Pattern :iconlegendoffullmetal:LegendofFullmetal 90 28 Thanks, Snowflake! :iconlegendoffullmetal:LegendofFullmetal 117 56 Memories Lost :iconlegendoffullmetal:LegendofFullmetal 177 28 Snowflake Knitting Pattern :iconlegendoffullmetal:LegendofFullmetal 37 0 Facepalm-worthy :icongloomylavv:GloomyLavv 90 12 Nyan Trek :iconnnaj:nnaj 267 119 Star Trek TNG: Ode to Spot :iconai-hime:Ai-hime 226 47 Little Bit Of Blue and Yellow :iconelectra-dots:Electra-Dots 17 1 Klance from like ten years ago :iconkyrifiandoots:KyrifianDoots 2 0 Lego Batman MOVIE :iconabakura:Abakura 86 3 Winged Avenger :iconabakura:Abakura 79 16 Lego Batman Movie- Screenshot Redraw 5 :iconabakura:Abakura 52 3 Italy Mitts 2x :iconmagicalmermaid-n:MagicalMermaid-N 8 1 Knitting :icondelano-laramie:Delano-Laramie 937 92 Knitting Girl :iconiraville:Iraville 1,831 44 Knitting an Idea :iconvioletevans:VioletEvans 206 49



Sherlocks2ndBlogger's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Let's see, how do I start this...

I'm a nerd. Plain and simple. I make ridiculous puns that you'd either be stupid to miss or have little chance of getting. I generally use too many emojis. I laugh at mildly funny stuff louder and longer than I should. My friend Hallie (Zinniia) calls me "the biggest dork in the entire multiverse" and I proudly accept the title. :)

Among friends, I'm sort of known for being rather childish and innocent and simultaneously a bit of a know-it-all who needs to speak the English of the common people more often. Basically a juvenile Hermione. An odd combination, perhaps, but I think I make it work. :)

I do a bit of both writing and drawing (mostly shipping logos for the latter).

I'm on under the same name, if you want to check out my other fics. I need to fix some of those up, because they're kind of old. But when I do, I'll post them up on here. I know one of my old Merlin oneshots is still gathering favorites.

If anyone's interested, :iconzinniia: and I are writing a collab Young Justice series called the Influence Series. Installments .25, .5 and 1 are up on the website linked at the bottom of this profile. (Autumn's sections of installment .5 desperately need editing, so please ignore those.) I'll be posting oneshots and snippets from that universe and possible AUs on here.

If you ever need someone to read through something for typos and whatnot, I gladly will. Just throwing that out there.

See you around the site! *Salute-esque wave*

P.S: If anyone plays an ocarina, mind giving me some tips? My brother got me one for Christmas and I'm still working it out. Thanks!

Screech Owl Poster: xDarkHikarix


Bisexual Hat
I swear to god that's blue, not grey. 😅 I'd take a better pic, but I hadn't noticed until I gave it to my friend. 

I had had to use maroon 'cause my light pink looked weird with the darker purple and blue. 
Radley House Soap Carving
My first attempt at soap carving since Girl Scout camp in elementary school. Could've been worse.
But hey, this was for extra credit in AP Lang and Comp. Worth it. :)
I have no idea what category to put this is in 😅
Transgender Flag Hat (Attempt 1 And 2)
The left was my first try at garter stitching and as you can see, it didn't turn out well. It was also my first LGBT hat, which I was proud of. I like the right a lot more. The friend I made these for kept both, though.

    I was tagged by :iconthespaceprince: and decided that, for once, I would complete a tag within a month. And by the way, TSP: TØP, FOB and P!atD? Nice choices. :D
    I chose to not use songs from the same band twice, but that's not one of the rules.
    Enjoy the music I’ve chosen!

    The Rules:
    1. Write down every letter of your name/username vertically.  
    2. Write down a song beginning with each letter.
    3. Count the number letters and tag that many people.

Shadows Die by Black Veil Brides
Here's Your Freakin' Song by Bowling for Soup
Emergency by Paramore
Reincarnate by Motionless in White
Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Panic! At the Disco
Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
Crossing Field by LiSA
Kids in the Dark by All Time Low

Stressed Out by 21 Pilots
21 Guns by Green Day
New Americana by Halsey
Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance
Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
Love Bites (So Do I) by Halestorm
Our Lawyer Made us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued by Fall Out Boy
Gone Hollywood by Supertramp
Gives You Hell by All American Rejects
Emily by Lower Than Atlantis
Rainbow Veins by Owl City

    I put all these together in a playlist too, if you’d like to listen to it:…

    I'm not going to tag anyone. If you want to do this, go right ahead. :D


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